Youtube, with its latest updates, introduces non-skippable Ads on its videos which give creators more income per views. This can be considered as an incentive for the creators to make more videos. Creators can enroll for non-skippable ads on their videos, and if a certrain creator enables this feature, his/her old videos will also make use of this feature. So, basically youtube is encouraging its existing creators to upload more and to attract new ‘YouTubers’ to its platform.

In another one of its updates, YouTube, launched a feature called ‘Time Watched’. This basically shows the viewers how much time they have spent on watching videos in a day or the past week.

It also shows the average time spent watching videos every day for the past year. The ‘Remind me to take a Break’ option can be turned on by viewers which will remind the users that they have spent a certain amount of time watching videos and that they should now take a break. This is a very passive move in discouraging viewers to watch more videos.

This is how you could turn on or view these settings:

You could also change the time you want the app to remind you to take a break.

So, on the one hand YouTube wants more content on its platform but is also , maybe, dosent want people to spend a lot of time watching this same content. This has caused a lot of controversy in the Community. Creators have been adressing this issue for the past few weeks and it is causing a lot of backlash. Many creators have taken a stand against this decision of the platform.

YouTube is already strict about monetizing creator’s videos after the 2017 ‘Adpocolypse’. Videos with even mild profanity are instantly demonetized. Swearing or even bleeping out swear words causes the videos to be demonetized.

YouTube may be trying to discipline the platform by regulating and monitoring these videos but the truth is that all these decisions on the platform’s part are only driving the creators away. Will YouTube will do anything to remedy this problem? we will have to wait and see.

Two more things YouTube added to their app in recent updates which are highly appreciated unlike the above mentioned once. Those two things are Incognito mode and Dark theme.

To turn on Dark theme, just tap on your profile icon then choose settings and then select General.

Incognito mode of the YouTube app is same as incognito mode found in browsers. Here where you can find this option, just tap your profile icon and there you will see it. When you turn it on, you’ll see this pop-up stating that it’s activated.


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