YouTube has always been a great platform for advertisers. It helps the companies increase their brand awareness and reach a relatively much wider audience. So, YouTube is rolling out new features which can change the way users interact with advertisements on the video streaming platform.  Features include advertisements extensions through which users can perform actions like app or game downloads, flight and travel bookings, and find and book movie showtimes near you.

YouTube has been testing this feature with advertisers like 20th Century Fox, Vodafone, Maybelline, Headspace. Vodafone even reported a 3.5% click rate according to YouTube. This feature can prove to be useful for some users who may be interested in the ad. For instance, check this out:

The movie showtimes in theaters near you are shown along with the ad of the movie. You can browse these showtimes, check out when and where the movie is playing and then purchase the ticket. But as shown, the ad takes up the whole screen when the phone is held vertically. So even if this feature can be useful for some users, it may also prove to be annoying for some people.

How users consume this new feature will definitely be something to keep an eye on. Whether users stop their video in the middle to download other apps or book tickets. Would You?

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