Xiaomi to set up three new factories in India as demand for phones rises

Xiaomi has announced its plans for three new smartphone manufacturing facilities in India committing to the country’s Make in India initiative.

Xiaomi already has two factories dedicated to smartphones but they just assemble the phones instead of manufacturing them, according to Xiaomi 95% of phones sold in India are locally assembled.

The new factories will be made with a goal to also manufacture parts such as pcbs which account for 50% total cost of the device. The first factory among these 3 is set to be located in Tamil Nadu.

“Xiaomi’s high-quality, well-designed products at honest prices have been instrumental in disrupting the Indian smartphone industry. In 2015 we extended our long-term commitment to the Indian market by joining the ‘Make in India’ programme. Today we are deepening this commitment with three more smartphone factories and our first SMT plant dedicated towards local manufacturing of PCBA units.
Xiaomi is one of the pioneers in the country to start local assembly of PCBAs, and I believe we will continue to play a key role in transforming India into a global manufacturing hub.” – Xiaomi India head Manu Jain.

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