Xiaomi launched its gaming phone Black Shark

Xiaomi launched it gaming phone under the brand named Black Shark. This phone is specifically designed and optimized for gaming needs. It has a 4000 mA battery powered by snapdragon 845 processor with Adreno 630 gpu. The earpiece acts as a secondary speaker giving it stereo capabilities.

Black shark gains it’s gaming appearance due to its signature analog stick controller add-on. It also has “liquid cooling” which helps in heat reduction by 8° Celcius. You also might wonder why it doesn’t have bezel less design which is today’s norm, well Black shark said for gaming grip is a important factor and having bezel less design doesn’t allow that.


The phone is priced at $480 for its base model. And it will be released only in china. It’s great seeing companies taking mobile gaming seriously with Razer being the first to launch a gaming specific phone and now Xiaomi jumping on to compete. Nubia is also have its gaming phone in making named “Red Mask” which will release soon.


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