What is Malware?

Ever wondered what this big negative technical term, MALWARE is!! ,which keeps on circulating in the news from the tech world. Welcome to another blog from our segment ‘What Is?’ and this week’s term is Malware.

Malware, a shortened combination of the words malicious and software, is a broad term for any sort of software designed with malicious intent. It is simply any program or file which harms a computer device. Malware is created by programmers with malicious intent to thieve your personal information or just to gain access into your computer.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, virus writers and hackers began to put their talents to more professional and sometimes criminal use. The internet had become everyone’s tool for information and businesses and banks were beginning to use it for commerce and transactions. As practical as online shopping and banking are, they also opened a world of opportunities for economic exploitation of both corporations and the ordinary computer user. So exactly what are these so called “malicious softwares”??

Well malwares are of different kinds:

Virus: Infects program files.

Spyware: Software that collects personal information.

Worm: Malware that can replicate itself across a network.

Trojan horse: Malware that pretends as, and may even operate, as a legitimate program but is harmful for the device.

Browser Hijacker: Software that modifies your web browser.

Root Kit: Software that gains administrative rights for malicious intent.

Malvertising: The use of legitimate online advertising to spread malicious software.

Trojans are most widely used malwares by programmers as they trick you into installing the software by pretending that it is a legit one. Once you install it, they receive access to your device. Viruses, worms come in at later numbers.

Anyways Malware is just that simple..It is simply a software harmful for your computer. To protect yourselves from these malwares simply make sure that the software or program that you are installing is a legal one. Download it from the official website of the creator.

Still you will not be completely safe from malware. They will find a way (most probably…or maybe you saved yourself from it if you are too lucky ..or too careful) somehow or another. And to be safe you can rely on various antivirus softwares available. There are tons of them. Purchase and use them to be rather safe than sorry. Till then ..be safe, take care and wait for the next blog to come out.


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