Technology is taking over in people’s life, and especially technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning which is booming all around the world is trending topic for students, researchers, and scientists etc.

Amazon’s Alexa is a virtual assistant software used to make tasks easier for an individual. Amazon Echo is the product of Amazon where a person shoots a question or orders a statement to echo and in return, echo fire’s back with an answer to the person. Amazon’s Alexa is just like Siri, or Cortana, or Samsung Bixby.

People nowadays like office goers don’t have time to look up to all the things, so they take help of Alexa. Alexa can do many things such as voice recognition, set an alarm, news, weather forecast, play music, and much more.

Features included in Alexa
1) Music and Movies

Alexa can play movies available in Amazon Prime or any other internet television network service. You just have to tell Alexa to play a certain movie and without a click of a button, the movie appears on your Alexa connected device. In order to achieve this, a user has the be connected to Amazon account. There are so many things that Alexa can do to relax us from our mundane lives. Music subscription like prime music, iTunes, Saavn, Spotify etc can also be accessed through Alexa without doing the task manually.

2) Order
Food can be ordered through Alexa. Some of the food ordering chains like Domino’s pizza, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC supports Alexa. So food ordering just got more easy for an individual. This feature was introduced in early 2017 and was first used to order coffee from Starbucks.

3) Weather forecast
Since Alexa is connected to the internet, it can give your weather reports from time to time. Alexa can also tell you the weather report for the whole week.

4) Home automation
Alexa can be connected to smart home devices like the nest, and many other devices available in the market. It was introduced in early 2015 which was in developing phase and all this was possible because of amazon skills kit.

4) Messages and calls
Alexa can send messages to other Alexa connected application and vice versa. Calling feature is also included in Alexa.

Amazon Alexa is still in its upgrading phase and many more features will be available in later months. is a great website to know more about Alexa and to stay updated with new things about it.

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