Vine 2’s development and launch has been postponed for indefinite period

Vine was a popular video sharing platform few years ago until twitter baught it for $30 million and killed it. Vine was a great place for creators to share 6 second long funny, creative or informative videos. Fans of the platform still wanted it and terefore the co-founder of Vine Dom Hofmann announced in 2017 his ambitious plan to revive Vine as V2.

But recently he stated that v2 will be delayed explaining the resons for it on twitter. You can read his tweet here.

Long story short, the main reason for this is funding. Dom Hofmann’s initial plan was to completely sel-fund the project, but accounting the popularity of vine and the positive response v2’s announcement got, it was clear that just self-funding wouldn’t be enough. Therefore to acquire funding for other companies or venturers, Dom Hofmann has haulted the development of v2.


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