Top 5 programming languages to learn

Coding is something that everybody must know atleast at the basic level. How a code works, how a program functions, how a game is created, how a software is developed all of these are created through coding. And it is damn interesting if you get the knack of doing it. There are many tutorials and courses available throughout the internet that teach any programming language you want to learn. So if you are just about to begin to start to learn coding and do not understand where to start this blog is for you. Even if you are a professional coder and want to learn more, this blog is for you too. So here we present the top upcoming coding languages to learn in 2018.

5. C#

C# was developed by Microsoft within its .NET framework. The reason of putting C# here is not the .NET framework but is game development. In the recent years, the popularity of .NET framework is reducing a little not by much but still, the demand is reducing. It is used to build mobile applications for Android as well as for IOS. The reason for putting in the last of top 5 is because of the resources available in the market and because this language is more dependent on .NET framework and in the fact .NET framework should be present on the system for the running of this language. More commonly this is used to build the applications for the Microsoft Windows platform also C# is slower and less flexible than C++. Looking ahead from some of it’s drawbacks it is easy to learn and also members in .NET are trying to move in game development.

4. Swift

Swift is the programming language used to build any kind of Apple applications. Swift has to be on the list only because of Apple. Swift is a limber language for Apple developers. To develop or to design any kind of Apple ecosystem either it is for Apple laptop or it may be for an Apple tablet or any game for Apple, Swift has to be present. Swift is a chronic programming language which will remain in existence till Apple exists. The only way to get into the Apple ecosystem is only Swift. Swift code is compiled and optimized to get the most out of modern hardware.

3. Java

In the recent year, Java is the most popular language to be learned by the students and the interested one it cannot be averted by any of the user or an organization. Java is insanely crazy, powerful, interesting and popular language as it is more user affable. Due to the recent increase in Android Applications and the demand of the Android developer, this is the only known language to be there in the industry with its advantages in Security and also it is very Simple and not a mystical language as compared to some other language which is very hard to be learned. Also, many Web Applications are designed in Java. Kotlin is another analogous programming language use in Android. But as in the industry level, nowadays you can see there are many Java programmers in order to be ahead from the competitive programmers you have to learn Kotlin which is officially supported by Android Development but if you are a fresher and want to start Android Development it is always better to start with Java.

2. JS(JavaScript)

JavaScript is the language that only runs on our Browser whether it be Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge. People started using it for the backend code, meaning the code that runs on your server. Javascript is now a growing language which can gain more market in the future. New Programmers should start learning this language to get a job. JavaScript which I am talking is the latest version of it has evolved a lot and with 2017 edition it has taken JS to its next level. Posted it may not be the null of many programmers but now it has evolved a lot and many programmers refer to go with JS 2017 2018 editions, it is capable to handle almost everything. JS for backend and Angular for the frontend can be the best combination. It is completely capable to handle IOS and Android Applications. Now Facebook is shifting towards the JS scenario along with its Speed, simplicity, and versatility this language has to be in this position.


Python has to be on the top, credit for this goes to Machine learning. Evocating, this language had shown a dull sign in the recent time but now again this language is on the Top list and is now effulgent. This language had done a great comeback in present time also it is powerful and most popular programming language at the industrial level. Basically, this language doesn’t show an aesthetic sign in case of new programmers but definitely adept and comely of this language should learn this to get a job and if you are interested in data science and Machine Learning you should try Python if not then you should definitely go for JavaScript. Many companies use it create their websites, it is also the main language to be used in Google and many others like FB, Apple also prefers to use Python, all these multinational companies are searching for the enginners who have strong and deep knowledge of Python. Recent startups companies are also aware that implementing machine learning in their project will reflect in their result and their project is gonna scale up quite easily, it is popular at both big multinational companies as well as smaller companies.

So these were our opinions on the top 5 programming languages you should try to learn in 2018. Yeah! So now you got to know what to learn . Go ahead and just start learning and as I said earlier if you get into it, it is pretty damn interesting. Go open up your browser, join a course, begin to learn it and stick to it. Happy Coding!!

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