This new malware locks your files unless you play PUBG

Malwares can be terrifying as it can cause loss or leak of data like WannaCry malware, more specifically ransom ware. Wannacry malware locked your data until you pay it in Bitcoins.

But this newly detected malware looks like someone has made it for fun or as a joke. This malware called PUBG Ransomeware encrypts/locks your data until you play 1 hour of PUBG. MalwareHunterTeam discovered this malware.

After affecting this malware displays the following note “Your files are encrypred by PUBG Ransomeware! But don’t worry! It is not that hard to unlock it. I don’t want money! Just play PUBG 1Hours !”

Since this malware isn’t perfectly built there are some get arounds. You don’t really have to play 1 hour of pubg as the files get unlocked after only 3 minutes into the game.

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