Almost all of us have had that mini heart attack when our phone accidentally drops off. Those few seconds when your phone is falling off to the ground, when everything around is moving in slow motion for you. That is the exact moment when you suffer from that mini heart attack. But all of it only to realize after those few seconds that the screen is shattered and sometimes the phone is even destroyed. Gone. Dead.

Well, not anymore!

An phone case which will prevent your phone from these accidents has been developed. The “active damping” case is the project of Philip Frenzel, engineer at Aalen University in Germany. He says this case acts as a potential “handy airbag” for your phone. Interesting, right?

The case works on a simple mechanism: sensors which detect when the device is freely falling and activate the defence mechanism ASAP.

As you can see, he came up with a final design consisting of 8 metal spring curls that are simply flat in the case, but when the device falls they pop out and curl up and that too very very quick. It does not guarantee a 100% damage free phone, because the height of drop and all that matters, but it will definitely save your phone from those accidental drops that we merely encounter some day or the other.

After you pick up your phone you simply have to put those springs back inside and you are good to go, all tension free. You can watch Frenzel explain his project in a video here.

The design is not completely finalized. Like for instance what will happen if the springs pop up in your pocket or at some other instances. That would be kind of embarrassing. But there are solutions for that like the proximity sensor or so. The problems are definitely being solved out there.

Frenzel’s idea even won him the top award from the German Society of Mechatronics, which considered projects from students across the country. He has already applied for a patent. So expect this case to go on sale anytime soon in the near future.

Amazing project, right? Tell us what you think in the comments down below.

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