Self-destructing email feature to be part of new Gmail redesign

Google recently announced that they are working on overhauling Gmail. Giving it new material design makeover, which will look something like this

Today TechCrunch reported that the new gmail will include self-destruct feature.

It appears as a lock icon in compose mail. When activated the recipient would not be able to forward , copy and paste, download or print the email. The expiration date could be in days, weeks or years and after expiration the email would no longer be visible.

The way it works is that when you send someone a confidential email they receive email with a link to locked content.

When the recipient opens the link gmail asks them to login again and then display the email.

Although this is a great feature but it’s unclear if it will work with other email clients as it asks to login with gmail.

Plus it still appears to be a work in progress as TechCrunch was able to take screenshots of a confidential email which shouldn’t happen. We think that Gmail might block screenshots in further update or probably notify sender about it. But still anyone can capture the email in camera and no one will stop you.


Image credits : TechCrunch

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