PUBG mobile is a great source of entertainment, but only if you are good at it. A single game of pubg takes about 30 minutes. After spending too many hours playing the game and not getting a single chicken dinner can be frustrating.

Here you will get the tips which you should follow while playing from beginning to end to grab chicken dinner.

1. Choose your location to land

You have to make a decision where you want to land to find loot. There are some populated areas in which a lot of people prefer to land, For example, Pochinki, School, Military base, Mylta Power.

If you are dying in the beginning, Then you should avoid landing on those areas.

There are some places where you will find the good loot and a lot of players don’t land there, For example, Primorsk, Farm, Mylta, Gatka, etc.

2. Find weapons as soon as you land

Just after you land, You have to find weapons, Don’t run for bag, first-aids, Drinks. If someone is around you, Then handgun will do better than punches. That’s why, when you land, find gun first and then look around for other stuff.

3. Activate peek and fire from setting

The best part about PUBG mobile is that they have managed to put all the controls in the great way possible. One of the most important option is peek and fire, which allows you to peek from windows, trees, stones. It only shows your head and because of that it gives you good cover and you don’t get a lot of damage.

To activate this option, You simply have to go to the settings and scroll down in basic until you find peek and fire. Just Enable it if it is Disable.

4. Guns attachment is your best friend

Take it as your guns have some abilities and they are locked and attachments are the keys which will unlock them. Whenever you pick any of these items, It shows their function under their name.

  • I will always suggest you to use 4x/8x scope in one gun for long range and in other gun use Mira red dot, Holographic scope, 2x scope for short range.
  • Use suppressors in your gun. For example, you are using a compressor in your Scar-L and it has the compressor already attached, then I’ll suggest you to drop it and attach suppressor instead of it. (Keep in mind that you can’t use compressor and suppressor at the same time. So if you find one, auto pick-up will not work if you have compressor attached )

5. Magic of snipers

First, Don’t use it if you don’t have 4x/8x scope. You should at least have 4x scope to take the advantage of a sniper. As you know that, If you are playing pubg in solo mode, then there is no such thing as knockout and revive. In this case, enemies will not get a single chance if you use the sniper in the right way.

Why don’t players like to use a sniper?

  • Player don’t like snipers because it allows you to shoot only one bullet at a time, It means you can not shoot continuously.

Why should you use it?

  • One headshot from the long distance and enemy is dead.
  • It gives you free kills if opponent hasn’t seen you.

Kar-98k and AWM(You will find in air drop crate) are the best snipers recommended.

6. Don’t run for kills

Okay, You are playing PUBG and you saw someone but he hasn’t spotted you yet. You started shooting, the opponent got the cover, he spots you and in the end, he killed you. Has it ever happened to you?

If yes, then you have made the stupid move. You were running for the kill and not for a strategic kill.


  • You are not having scope and opponent has a scope.
  • You are in the building and opponent near you threw a grenade.
  • You are in the open field and opponent has a good cover.

What should you do?

  • If you are in the building and you saw someone running. Wait until he has no cover near him like stone, tree or wall, Then start shooting.
  • If the opponent has the cover but he is in your sight, then go for the headshot.
  • If you are in the building and someone enters the building or house next to your building. First, don’t move, otherwise, you will end up making the footstep sound and opponent will be alerted. Simply throw a grenade in the building and you will get the kill without shooting.

7. Top 10 is the real game

Now you are in the top 10, the circle is tiny. Everyone might be quiet or they might be shooting, you hear the sound of crawling and footstep, Your heart is beating fast. In this situation, you have to make decisions quickly and they should be right. Your one bad move will get you killed. I’ll write another blog about what strategies you should follow in top 10 if the circle is not coming in your favor.

Quick tips are

  • keep your yellow bar full by drinking energy drinks and taking painkiller pills.
  • If the final circle is in the open field, Keep a good eye in the grass to find any movements on the ground.
  • Double check if your gun is reloaded or not.

Don’t be discouraged if you lose. There are some luck factors in the PUBG and sometimes we commit a mistake. Just note down the mistakes and avoid those mistakes in the next game.

Hope you will find these tips useful and will help you to improve your gameplay.

Leave a comment in the comment section if you want to give any tips to readers or if you have any questions to ask. I’ll be happy to answer them.

Thanks for reading…

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