With no doubt, we can agree that battle royale has become a trend, and day by day new battle royale games are launched or an existing game gets it. DOTA 2 is now one of them to have it. Well, DOTA 2’s battle royale mode called Underhollow is a bit unique or you can say it’s in a DOTA 2 way (obviously it has to be).

Eight teams enter a rapidly collapsing dungeon called underhallow, and victory goes to either the last one standing or the first to sneak back out holding a legendary wheel of extra-mature cheese. And there is one more thing, the underhollow is kind-of a maze, so you’ll have to take educated smart decisions to decide which path to proceed on. It’s great to see developers adapt to the trend in a smart way. I’m excited to see more non FPS games to have a battle royale mode.

This is obviously a cool inclusion to DOTA 2 but there’s a catch, this mode is paid. This mode is only available to players who have purchased DOTA 2’s battle pass for 2018. So it’s not like you’re only paying for this mode but you’ll also be getting other stuff included in the battle pass.

While Dota 2 is free to play via Steam, you’ll need the 2018 Battle Pass in order to battle royale. If you play DOTA 2 on a daily basis and want to try something new then sure buy it.

Here’s the entire official blog

Roshan the Immortal has smashed his way into a labyrinth beneath his lair, driven to frenzy by the scent of the world’s rarest cheese. In today’s update, all Battle Pass owners are invited to follow his path and descend into the Underhollow, where a proving ground of teamwork and battle tactics awaits—along with a supply of Battle Points for those bold enough to seize them.

Party up with two friends or queue-met allies to navigate your way through this maze of monstrous hordes and vile traps. Work together to outwit and outlast the seven other teams each fighting to be the last group standing.

Each week you’ll have new chances to earn Battle Points by winning a clash outright as the last team standing, killing any opponents during battle, or unearthing rare and valuable cheeses—such as the coveted Roshefort wheel. But remember: Roshan is on his own quest, and his frenzy is causing the Underhollow to collapse around him. You’ll need to step quickly and choose your path wisely to have any hopes of escaping alive.

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