Researchers from the State University of New York (SUNY) developed an AI which can tell that the video is AI generated or real.

For those who don’t know, Deepfake is a deeplearning algorithm which can replace the face in the video with someone else’s, and it does look extremely real. Therefore it is predominantly more popular with porn, people are using this algorithm to replace pornstar’s face with a celebrity to satisfy their fantasies. It could easily be used for revenge porn or defamation. But porn is just one part of it, the possibilities that could be done with such manipulation are endless. It can literally be a cause of war in the future if used wrongly.

Due to all this, it was necessary to be able to know which video was deepfaked. Researchers from SUNY found out that some physical quirks that humans have like breathing, blinking don’t show up in these AI generated videos. The reason is that the process used for making deepfakes involves feeding in images of a person rather than videos, then the algorithm makes a video out of these images. Since images don’t mimic these human behaviors like breathing, blinking, etc, they are missing in the final deepfake.

Researchers acknowledged this fact and made an AI which can now detect if these things are missing from the video. Well, that solves it for now but deepfakes will keep getting better and better and probably even start some-what mimicking these behaviors, then what?

Luckily the SUNY team already has plans in place to build a more robust detector which will look for things like pulse and breathing, along with more advanced forms of blink detection.

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