LG unveils its latest flagship LG G7 ThinQ

After a long array of rumors and leaks, LG finally officially announced G7 ThinQ. As speculated and seen in the leaks, it has a notch, but it’s hidable or you can use it or theme it as you want. G7 comes with all the flagship specs, Snapdragon 845, 4GB ram, 6.1 inches 18:9 2k LCD display which can go super bright and has a speaker which is 40% louder than any other flagship devices. LG G7 maintains headphone jack with its premium DAC for an enhanced audio experience. It is also IP 68 water and dust resistant, comes with 3000 mA battery and capable of wireless charging.

Image courtesy: TheVerge

Coming to the camera, it has dual 16mp back cameras with one being an ultra wide angle, our favorite combination. At the front, it has an 8mp camera and all of these have AI capabilities, that’s why the name extension “ThinQ”. LG’s camera AI system helps you by recognizing what you are shooting and suggests some filters or settings which will make the picture even better.

G7 has a dedicated Google assistant button similar to Bixby button you find on Samsung’s flagships. Currently, it’s not remappable but LG says they will add feature based on user feedback.

LG hasn’t specified the pricing and release date yet but it’s more likely to be released late this month.

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