Juno spacecraft captures Jupiter’s terrifying yet mesmerizing north pole in its latest flyover

At the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna, Austria, NASA unveiled what its Juno spacecraft captured during the flyover of Jupiter’s north pole.

Although the imagery looks red, keep in mind that it’s cold out there. The bright yellow clouds are around -12.7 degrees Celsius , while the dark red clouds plummet down to -118 degrees Celsius, according to NASA. The image map was captured by juno’s onboard JIRAM infrared camera.

“Before Juno, we could only guess what Jupiter’s poles would look like. Now, with Juno flying over the poles at a close distance it permits the collection of infrared imagery on Jupiter’s polar weather patterns and its massive cyclones in unprecedented spatial resolution.” – Alberto Adriani, Juno co-investigator.

So far, Juno has mapped about a third of the planet, having travelled some 122 million miles during 11 close passes by Jupiter’s roiling clouds.

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