ESports is becoming very popular nowadays and players are earning good money from it. If you wanna know more about Esports then check out this article ( In Traditional Esports you should have a high-end computer with good GPU to run those good graphics games but its 2018 guys, with your smartphone you can make a career in Esports. Nearly 2.5 Billion people in the world have smartphones. You just need to pick up your phone and show your mobile gaming skills to the world.

List of some Popular Games for Mobile Esports:

Clash Royale

This is a real-time strategy 1v1 or 2v2 card game where cards have some abilities and player should destroy the enemy’s tower to win. This game is awarded as the best game of 2016 on the play store.

Esport Tournament: Clash Royale Crown Championship



Vainglory is a 3v3 or 5v5 mobile game where your objective is to destroy the opposing team’s base. In this game, Heros have special abilities and using those abilities you have to win the game. The animation is really great and also the gameplay is very intense.

Esport Tournament: Vainglory Premier League


Mobile Legend

This is similar to Vainglory but the specialty is that this game can also run on low spec devices, so most Southeast Asian players prefer this game over Vainglory. One of the best features of this game is that it supports built-in live streaming.

Esport Tournament: Mobile Legends Professional League 2017


PUBG Mobile

This is currently the most popular Battle Royale mobile game. In this, 100 players spawn on a map and get weapons from buildings and try killing everyone. And the last one to survive is the winner (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner). This game is getting more popular in Esports industry.

Esports Tournament: STAR Challenge 2018 (Prize pool of $600,000)

Also, Games like ‘Summoners War: Sky Arena’, ‘ShadowVerse’, ‘King of Glory/Arena of valor’ and ‘Hearthstone’ are popular in Mobile Esports Tournament.

Mobile Esport is getting bigger and Major Investors are taking interest in its Tournaments. There is a large number of mobile esports players in the Asia Pacific region. PUBG mobile has 20 Million daily active players worldwide.

Mobile esports is getting big but traditional esports on PC like Counterstrike and league of legend etc will never die. But the hot topic is that Mobile esports will get more attention than traditional esports or not? Please Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. These careers does’nt need a degree or follows a curriculum to be ahead in the game. Rather the game itself teaches you many things which you can relate to day to day life problems.
    Parents now a days are becoming open about the kid’s opinion in making the future , but gaming career might sound weird to them. The gaming industry holds upon many opportunities for the new generation to build upon new career options.
    Now you might be thinking how do we excel in such things , the answer is simple if you like gaming and if you enjoy the process of it just be consistent , pursue the other degrees but be loyal in playing the games as well , open a youtube channel and learn daily about streaming and gaming .
    Consistency is the key … As someone quoted very well ” if you do the same thing for atleast a decade regularly you become a master of it “. But this does’nt mean that you forget everything else in life. Enjoying the process means to grow gradually in what you do and do the normal stuff too.

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