Instagram is bringing in-app payment feature for restaurant and movie bookings

Instagram is already a great place for small brands and businesses to showcase and sell their products. Instagram just last year introduced a feature which allowed people to add price tags and links to the product page in the post itself. And now with this new in-app payment feature, Instagram will make this process a breeze.

TechCrunch reported recently that Instagram is working on this and allows some business accounts in US and UK to accept payments natively for booking restaurant tables. Well, the same functionality can also be used for things like appointments at a salon, as well as tickets to events and movie screenings.

In-app payment in Instagram will be a complete package for sellers as the could host their product info and also get paid from the app itself. Earlier sellers had to make their own website and assign some payment gateway or post their listings on Amazon or eBay, but not anymore.

The same things go with Facebook, well it is safe to assume that this feature will also crawl its way to Facebook. We cannot forget that it’s the same company and likewise with Instagram, Facebook also has lots of businesses selling their products on it. This feature will just become another way to make some money out of commision this big social platforms will acquire from the sellers for in-app payment.


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