As someone said the science of today is the technology of tomorrow. The world has given justice to this quote over the past decade.

There are some unbelievable changes made by all the departments in the respective field.  Here are 10 technological changes that make the viewpoint completely different.

1. Shopping

Modern day tells us a very different story when we look up to buy the things on the internet. Who would have thought that after years online shopping would be this successful? At first, the people hesitated to order from the sites but now there are thousands of sites selling products that aren’t available in the local market as well. This boon of technology has served many people in getting what they wanted at their doorsteps, unfortunately, some compare it with the traditional shopping experience and find it a bit complex.

2. Banking

In today’s world, banking has been totally changed as the people are now using their money digitally. It now offers you a wide range of facilities on your mobile phones rather than using old traditional ways where you have to visit the bank even for normal transaction.

Many companies have taken advantage of it by serving with the best banking experience via phone by attracting customers with cash back policy and have gained popularity such as Paytm , PhonePe, etc.

3. Media

The boost that media has over the years in technology is remarkable. Be it streaming, be it digitalizing, be it marketing, be it youtube,  be it news, the advancements of technology are very interesting and huge in every perspective. Now you don’t need papers for news now everything around is smarter thank you think and easily accessible for each and every customer. The whole and sole purpose of media to convey information to people have got a new meaning via technology.

4. Personal  life

Since a decade has passed we have seen the generations of mobile phones go higher in terms of services, applications, and processing. Now one can store thousands of photos in our mobile rather than buying a floppy for every other photo. Now you can just face time with your friends and family for better communication. Though the buttons have been replaced by a touchscreen, people are now more engaged with their mobiles than never before.

5. Google

We always remembered Google being a search engine as a kid. But now it is much more than that. Google has made a mark with almost everything to achieve a better technological environment for its users. For starters, it gives 15GB storage to every android user totally free, its various apps such as YouTube have gained popularity which has opened up various job opportunities for a creative person. It has enhanced the way of looking into the world through navigations. Single sign-on is an authentication process that allows the user to access multiple Google apps with one credential. Even with these software advancements, Google has launched various hardware products such as mobiles, Google home, and smartwatches.

6. Social life

As we say there are two sides of a coin, the effects of technology on social life can be seen as a boon or a curse. Now there are many ways to connect through social media with a friend or an unknown person. The study shows that an average person now spends 9 hours on social media this includes reading, surfing, watching videos and what not. Sadly study also shows that it is making the people sad, addicted, stress full etc.

7. Vehicles

We haven’t reached the era of flying cars though but it seems we aren’t far away. The ideas of self-driven cars are now industrially manufactured by companies such as Tesla, Volvo, Audi etc. Now we have connected mobile apps with our cars, and a parking assistance camera that can minimize the chances of crashing into your own parking space.

8. Communication

Setting up an entirely new perspective through communication the world now works on satellites and the internet. Communication was once used only for calling and sending messages via mobiles and e-mails. But now technology has opened up the sky for its limitless use and made it so easily available for the people. Wire connections are now replaced with Wi-Fi, Hi-fi etc. Even the cameras now are so much more advanced compared to the reel camera which gives you much more clear images.

9. Government

The government in India has changed a lot. Some of the paper works are now converted into digitalizing like now the original certificates are stored digitally into government sites. There are apps for payment of light bills, for applying for a post in a government office, for the right to information, etc.

There is this particular app for finding the missing children it’s called Khoya-Paya App which is very useful for the ones who lost their children and are helpless. There is even an app called Toilet locator which locates the nearby public toilets for you and solves the problem of open defecation to some extent.

10. Industries and companies

Increase in Technological advancements will automatically increase the work in the industries as well as the competition among them. Basically, there are computers in each company and industries.

More the progress more the data entries, for that Big Data play a very important role in keeping and maintaining your data.

Security is now a priority for each company and for that the biometrics are used.

Virtual reality a new concept with a different approach was introduced a few years back and its applications are wide. 

The technology has emerged a lot and the advancements are endless. The changes that the world saw in these 10 years are significant and unbelievable.  So for basic analysis, the world hasn’t changed much, but surely the technology has

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