Privacy and security are growing concerns in this digital age. Although it’is impossible to keep our info completely private because some products and services rely on that, at least we should be able to control what we share. Well, Google now lets you do it.

Google is the biggest data collector, and probably it has the data of almost every internet user. Google is trying to be more open and transparent about it with this new feature. Ad settings will let you choose which data Google uses to display a personalized ad throughout the internet.

Ad settings is not new, it was launched back in 2009 followed by why this ad? and mute this ad features in 2011 and 2012 respectively. But it wasn’t much user friendly back then and why this ad? and mute this ad features where only applicable to Google search. And now with this new update, it’s more accessible and user friendly. Users can also find the new Ad Settings page at the bottom of their Chrome’s New Tab page.

The new Ad Settings shows all the different factors that determine how ads are tailored to you in one view. This way, it’s easier for you to see them at a glance, learn more about why you see ads related to these topics and decide if there are any you want to remove.

“In the new Ad Settings, if you no longer want us to tailor your ads based on one of these factors you can choose to turn it off. Turning off a factor means you’ll no longer receive tailored ads related to it across our services, and on websites and apps that partner with us to show ads, as long as you’re signed in to your Google Account. The ads you see can still be based on general factors, like the subject of what you’re looking at or the time of day, or any other factor that is still turned on.” Google states

Now coming to Why this ad? feature, this will let you know why you are seeing this ad. Earlier it was only available on google search, but from now you’ll see this everywhere you’ve signed in will a google account. Like on youtube, you’ll get this option on ads that play before or between videos or the ads displayed on the side.

This is really a great move from Google to establish a transparent relationship with its users.

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