Google announce Material Design Theming and collaboration tools for developers

It’s been few years since Google launched their own design system called Material design. It’s based on real-life physics of light and color combined with materials, that’s why the name “Material Design”. It was speculated that this year Google will announce a major overhaul to its design system, but that didn’t happen at least on day one of Google i/o (we’ll notify if some major announcement happens regarding this in upcoming days).

There wasn’t a major overhaul but there were some announcements which will make designers and developers get excited for future of Material design. Starting off with “Material Theming“, this is what google says

“When you begin changing aspects of your UI, such as color and typography, Material Theming tools apply your design vision throughout your user experience.”

Surely this is a great advancement by google providing tools to personalize the design. “Theme Editor” is one such tool that will allow designers to create a unique design experience for a project, and themes created through this can be applied to entire project seamlessly. The only downside, for now, is that this is a plugin and only works with Sketch on MacOS. Support for more software coming soon. If you’re the one using Sketch, you can download the plugin here.

And if you’re looking for icons that can complement this design system, then Material icons is the official open-source icons provided by Google. They are available in different variants like outline, filled, and two tone.

Next announcement was for a collaboration platform called Gallery. Gallery allows designers and developers to collaborate and work on a project together seamlessly. You could share design progress, arrange it in versions, co-designers can comment on it or point out what’s wrong or awesome, you can also share your design project with other people.

That’s it for the important announcements about material design at Google i/o. Follow us on social media to stay updated with everything in tech, science, design, culture, and games.

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