The Epic Games’ Battle Royale themed game is about to be released very soon for Android. The extremely popular PC game which is also the biggest game in the world currently is already available for PC, PS4, XBOX One and was also released for iOS back in March. Now it is about to put a step forward by releasing it for Android.

Well, this is a big move for Epic Games as it will almost double up the revenue of the game which is currently at $1 million per day. But this is just an assumed projection.

Epic Games said in a recent post that they will be targeting summer for the games’ release. Hence we can expect that the game can land any time between the end of June and July end. No other details were provided however. But it announced some updates and improvements that are ongoing. Voice chat will allow you to communicate with your friends and other people on the map. Various mute options will also be introduced along with it. There will be a ‘battery saver’ mode that will dip down the graphics quality a little. This mode will also consume less battery for those moments when your phone is expected to not last until the entire match. Other updates were regarding improved controls but any details or explanation was not provided.

After its much-awaited release for Android, the game will have just one more device to be released on. It is the Nintendo Switch. There are rumors that it can come on the Switch later this year but nothing has been said, announced or even hinted at by Epic Games.

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