You probably already have heard about Fortnite if you are reading this.  And yep, the extremely viral video game sensation has broken yet another record.

Fortnite was launched for iOS earlier this year and it has already managed to rake in a whopping $300 million in 200 days. This is the highest for any game on the platform. From the $300 million, about 65% came in from players just in the United States. Earlier the record for the highest sales in 200 days on iOS was held by Supercell’s Clash Royale which had managed to rake in figures of $228 million.

Image Credit: Sensor Tower

On Android, the game was launched much later for some specific devices and that too as a invite only beta and it has grossed over $60 million on the platform.

Apart from Android and iOS the game is available on PC and three major gaming consoles including the PlayStation, XBOX One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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