Everything important Google announced at i/o 2018

Google I/O 2018, which is the annual developer conference of the tech giant kicked off on May 8 and they had some pretty major, surprising and amazingly awesome announcements to make. Here are the major ones from the day 1 of the event which is happening at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. There can be more in the next 2 days with the event being of 3 days so make sure you follow along the complete event on TechBattle.

We’ll try to keep it short and complete as possible.

Android P

Obviously, the main announcement everyone was expecting from the event. The next Android and this is rather quite a huge jump from Oreo just like it was 3 years back from KitKat to Lollypop.

With Android P, Google is going all out A.I.

  • Google said with Android P, it is making its software more simpler to use.
  • They have introduced gestures for recent apps and stuff (like the ones you’ve seen on iPhone X).
  • You can directly use actions within the app by searching from the homescreen. Like for example, if you search- ‘book cab to a certain location’ it will directly show you available cabs and cost in the search suggestions itself. If you select it, you will be taken directly to the booking confirmation page in the app. (Wow!!)
  • Adaptive battery uses AI to understand which apps you will use and the ones you won’t and stops running them in the background to optimize battery performance.
  • Adaptive brightness uses AI to automatically set the brightness for you according to your personal need.
  • There also many more little software improvements regarding user experience.

Google launched the Android P Beta at the IO as it was expected. Checkout if your device is compatible with the beta here.


In Gmail, Google launched a new awesome feature called smart compose. In smart compose, it will automatically suggest you the complete phrase even before you complete writing it. Woah! this is amazing. This feature will be rolling out to all the users within the next couple months.



  • New Voices: Google introduced 6 new voices into its google assistant that will be made available later this year. One of these voices is of singer John Legend. So John Legend fans, get excited!
  • Continued Conversations: Now you won’t have to say Hey Google or OK Google after every other statement. You will just have to say it the first time and then you can have continued conversation with the assistant.
  • Wind up mode is another update where you will have to tell the assistant what time you want to go to bed and at that moment it will turn the screen to grayscale to remind you to sleep and Do Not Disturb mode will be activated.
  • GOOGLE DUPLEX: This is a behavioral feature of the Google Assistant where it can automatically make calls for you to various places like to book a table at a restaurant or to book an appointment, etc. And it does that pretty amazingly well. And it does sound a lot like a human. In the demo shown at the keynote, the assistant managed to book an appointment without the person knowing that she is talking to a bot. This is ridiculously amazing how the bot actually interprets human voices and way of talking.


  • Google introduced a feature they like to call suggested actions within the photos app like auto-sharing and editing, etc.
  • With sharing, Google can recognize certain pics of your friend and will ask you immediately if you want to share the pics with your friend.
  • With auto-editing it can make small edits for you in the photo to make it better like adjusting the brightness or the contrast of the photo. Now it can also add colors to a B/W photo automatically. Like for example, if you have an old photo which is grayscale then Google can automatically determine the best colors and add them to the photo with the help of AI.
  • Now, you can convert a photo of a certain document to a PDF directly within the photos app.

Oh WOW!!! These are some really exciting updates Google has brought out. Technology will never cease to amaze you after all.


  • Yeah, we know that Lens works within the Google photos app and it is pretty amazing but now it can work in real time integrated with your camera. It can suggest you actions on whatever you can do with the thing your camera is looking at. Suppose you see a book and want to know about it ….just open up your camera, point it at the book and google lens working in real time will show you all information regarding it.
  • You can now directly copy text from the pic to anywhere else using google lens. Lens allows you to directly select text from the photo and copy it.



  • Real-time directions: In google maps now it can show you real-time directions, of the place you want to go, through the camera. You can point your camera at the street and it will let you know about the street you are on and the directions to the place you want to reach. They have amazingly integrated camera into Google Maps.
  • AR guide: Google also plans to introduce an AR guide in Maps through the camera to guide you to the location you want to reach.


These are the main updates from the keynote of Google I/O that Google is planning out to implement this year. There are many more updates like the silicon TensorFlow chip TPU version 3.0, some developer toolkits for developers and many more. Here is the video to the keynote of the Google I/O 2018.

If you are in a hurry you can watch this video from Google where almost the entire Google I/O 2018 is summarized in 10 minutes.

Keep checking and stay tuned for more updates regarding the Google I/O 2018.

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