Everything About Kernel You Need to Know

The traditional definition of kernel says kernel is a computer program that manages the I/O(input/output)request from software and translate the requests into CPU instructions. Kernel is the program which helps software to communicate to hardware. We can say kernel something which talks to the hardware according to software requirements.Software requirements are like a memory, display, audio module etc.After software generates request, kernel comes into the picture computer is dumb only understand instructions so the kernel translates those requests into instruction then CPU process.

Eg. Let’s take any software, Kernel which loads that software into memory creates the processes needed and starts the software running. When software needs memory it is the kernel that allocates it. When the software wants networking it is the kernel which does all the low-level processing. The driver for devices like Bluetooth is also in the kernel. When the software wants to perform a task in the background it is the kernel which handles the background threads. When the software closes it is the kernel which cleans up all the memory and other resources that were used by the software In a nutshell, the kernel is the core program which manages the CPU resources, the system memory, the system devices, including the file systems and networking, and is responsible for managing all the processes.


The main tasks of Kernel are :

  • Process management
  • Device management
  • Memory management
  • Interrupt handling
  • I/O communication
  • File system handling

Kernel is very complex program containing more than 20 million lines of code about how to handle different request efficiently. Some kernel gives better battery performance like Dalvik is kernel developed by Google specially for Android to improve battery consumption of the device. Some kernel gives better memory management. There are plenty of different kernels available open source as well as proprietary licensed. Linux kernel is one of the most used open source kernel.

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