So, apparently, the suspicions that Facebook and Google are monitoring our online activities is not enough, now the Government also wants to know what you are doing online.

The Indian Government has passed a law according to which the Delhi Police can monitor the activities of “Any Computer”.

The 10 agencies that can now look at your browser history are (*This is a joke, they cannot actually see your browser history):

  • Intelligence Bureau (IB)
  • National Investigation Agency (NIA)
  • Enforcement Directorate (ED)
  • Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
  • Narcotics Control Board
  • Central Board of Direct Taxes
  • Directorate of Revenue Intelligence
  • Cabinet Secretary (RAW)
  • Directorate of Signal Intelligence (for service areas of Jammu and Kashmir Northeast and Assam only)
  • Commissioner of Police, Delhi

The decision has made avid internet user very uncomfortable with an added measure that failure to co-operate with these agencies could land you in jail for 7 years and fines.

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