This has been quite a debated topic and it has a lot of controversies surrounding it. But is it true? Are our cell phones really giving us cancer? The electronic device which we all use the most in our daily day-to-day lives is itself harmful for us? Let us clear all the air amidst the cell phone cancer thing.

On the current understanding on radio waves, phones shouldn’t give you cancer but research is still ongoing.

On a personal level, I respectfully disown the fact that cell phones can give you cancer. Cell phones emit radiation, but although it is called radiation, this is not a nuclear kind of radiation. It is not even close to the nuclear radiation. The radiation that cell phones emit is far far less than the radiation we are surrounded with. The microwave oven we use emits more radiation than the cell phone so, by theory, there are more chances of getting cancer by microwave oven than cell phone.

What we know from based on the best available research: the radio frequency radiation or the radio waves increases chance of cancer but as said this data is poor to know that for sure. There is one more thing about radiation, it can affect sperm levels in men but we are far more away from understanding about how it can affect to fertility.

Let us talk about the term SAR value. For those of you who don’t know the full form, it is specific absorption rate. It is mentioned on almost every device. There are two SAR value mentioned one for body and one for head. SAR value is related to the radiation that your cell phone emits. Many cell phone company follows the standard rules for SAR values and try to keep SAR value as minimum as possible.

So we really shouldn’t worry about getting cancer by cell phone radiation. Even the visible light emits more radiation than a cell phone. But still, until we have a better and complete answer to the question regarding radiation and understanding of radio waves we must try minimizing our exposure to radiation as much as possible. To do that you can carry out really simple and small things like don’t bring your cell phone to the bed or don’t keep a cell phone in your pocket all the time except when it is needed.

So, that’s it and you definitely don’t need to worry much about it. We definitely are safe from the radiation that cell phones emit. Well, at least for now.


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