Indian actress Priyanka Chopra has invested in the US based dating app Bumble which plans to foray into the Indian market by the end of this. Along with investment, Priyanka will also serve as an advisor for the app to expand into India.

Tinder has the monopoly in the Indian online dating scene with no big competition. However, with Bumble coming to India, this monopoly will surely get contested. Bumble is Tinder’s fiercest competitor in the US.

Tinder has been operating in India since 2013 and it already has a massive consumer base. In fact India is Tinder’s top market in Asia. Bumble will however take some time to create a consumer base as big as that of Tinder in India. But still the online dating industry in India is just starting out. With online dating industry growing fast and dating not being a taboo topic anymore, Bumble might get exposure quickly.

India’s massive potential user base surely attracts new companies like app developers and Bumble is no different. But how Bumble fares in the Indian market in the long run, we’ll see.


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