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If you are a Programmer or you will become a programmer in the future, these are some apps that should be on your Smartphone.

1. DevRant

Devrant is a social media of programmers. You can use this app to share your thoughts, memes etc. People also share their posts and you can like or dislike and comment on their posts. You can follow people whose posts you like the most. Not only programming jokes or memes you can also post some programming doubts, People will help you to solve your problems. Along with all this, people also share tips and tricks, and there’s a special stories section where programmers share trier stories about a good or bad client, their interesting workday etc. You will surely meet new people and also can collab with them on a project, there is a section where you can post an idea and people will be there to collab for that project or even give some thoughts on it.

You should definitely try this App. Click here to download.

2. Idea Bag 2

If you want to practice any programming language but you don’t know what to code or you don’t have any problem statement to do programming, then this app will definitely help you.

As the name suggests, It is a bag of ideas, which will give you ideas about ‘what to code?’ There are many topics like Numbers, Web, Threading, Networking, Files, Databases, and Graphics etc. Each topic has so many problem statements for you to practice the programming language.

Click here to download IdeaBag2.

3. Programming Hub

If you want to learn some new programming languages, this will be the best app for you. You can learn lots of programming languages here. Not only you can learn to programme but there is a lot of features that will help you. You can Compile or Run the code in this app. So think how great it will be that you can write, compile and run the code on your Smartphone. It will really help you when you don’t have the access to your laptop.

Click here to download ProgrammingHub.

4. OnlineCompiler

Well, as the name suggests, it’s a compiler with support for almost every language. Unlike Programming hub, this is a stand-alone app just to code on your phone. It can be handy for practicing on the go or test out some logic that just came to mind. It has all the essential features you might need to code on your smartphone. In short, it’s an IDE on your smartphone.

Click here to download OnlineCompiler.

5. CodeBoard

CodeBoard is a keyboard for programmers. If you want to do some programming on your Smartphone, then this keyboard will help you. This keyboard has useful buttons like semicolon (;) in front. If you are going to use the compiler of the Programming Hub, then you can definitely use this keyboard.

Click here to download CodeBoard.


So these are the apps that programmers must have on their Smartphones.

So, go Download the apps, and hope you will like these apps. Let us know in the comment section.

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