It has been quite some time since Amazon launched it’s virtual assistant Alexa and smart speaker Echo. It has also been some time since the Fire TV got launched. Guess what Amazon has come up with now, merging both of them into one product namely the Amazon Fire TV Cube. Amazon today unveiled the Fire TV Cube which will formally go on sale on the 21st of June. It costs $120 but Amazon is running an introductory offer for preorders on Thursday and Friday through which it will cost $90.

The Fire TV Cube is Amazon’s Alexa integrated with your television which means that you will be able control your TV just with voice commands. In fact, Amazon says the whole user experience of the Fire TV Cube was designed with a “voice first” philosophy.

“The goal for the Fire TV Cube is to really enable voice experience in a way that makes sense and actually highlights the use of voice,” says Sandeep Gupta, vice president of product development for Amazon Fire TV.


The Fire TV Cube consists of 8 far field microphones along with echo-cancellation, noise reduction and the same tech found in the echo speakers. Alexa however works pretty much the same. No big changes or updates to that. You ask it the questions and it replies you with the appropriate answers according to its skills.

The Fire TV Cube comes with Amazon’s very own Android based OS for TV streaming systems, the FireOS. Consumers with set-top-boxes for cable TV or OTA(over-the-air) TV can connect those devices to the Cube and enjoy Amazon’s voice assisted service. But you will have to be very specific while requesting those, like “Alexa, switch to channel number 7”. Amazon however said that the Cube may not be an ideal speaker for music. So if music is your extreme priority you probably should not go for it.

The Fire TV Cube is currently available for purchase only in the United States. There is no information regarding when the company is planning to launch it in other countries.

Amazon is probably pitching the gadget as the ultimate game changer in TV technology and stuff. But what do you think?? Let us know in the comments.

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