3d rendering artificial intelligence brain or ai brain

American History X director Tony Kaye is looking forward to cast an AI robot as a lead actor in is upcoming film ‘2nd Born’.

‘2nd Born’  is the sequel to ‘1st Born’ which stars Van Kilmer and Denise Richards in the lead, It is slated to release this year.

The casting of AI as a robot in the lead is the collective idea of Kaye and Sam Khoze who is also the producer of the film. Their vision is to train the AI in various film-making techniques and acting methods. The main challenge for them is time required to train the AI. They still are very optimistic and hopeful about their vision. The main reason behind casting a robot was that the director did not want to use CGI and visual effects.

The acclaimed director also hopes that the character will be considered for awards and it gains recognition from the film making industry.

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