4 Cool browser based games you should check out



An interactive 3d tetris, you just have the top view in this game. Its fun to play as it gives various controls like rotation of block in all 3 axis ,you can select size and nature of the field to play in.



Also available as a android game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.phoboslab.ztype&hl=en

This is your classic space fighter but with a twist, you have to type out the word hovering on the enemies to shoot them down. It could be challenging as some of the words you may have to spell backward and as you progress in the game the amount of enemies increases thus you’ll have to type faster. Its fun to play with neon retro graphics and good soundtrack.

2.Duel (a shooter game)


I wasn’t able to get a good screenshot of this while in action because I didn’t wanted to loose. This is a fun time killer game, flat 2d graphics with shooting action. In this game you play against a bot, you have 3 controls dodge, weak shoot(auto aim) and lethal shoot(aim manually).



My favorite on the list and the most engaging and addictive. Great 2d graphics with cool soundtrack. A move based game, the time plays only when you move so you have time to carefully plan next moves and strategy. You have to destroy the enemy vehicles and ships by dashing into them, but carefully because they can shoot and you don’t have that ability. As the level progresses you could buy shield and weapons from the points you collected through destroying enemy ships. It’s a fun addictive game you should check out!

This is the first list in the series of “Games you should checkout”, more coming soon.

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