Instagram is the biggest photo-sharing social media platform in the world. Since the past few years, Instagram has added some cool features to it. Most of the people don’t know that they can do these things on Instagram. So here I listed top 8 tips and tricks that you should definitely try on Instagram.

1. Track your Activity

If you are really addicted to Instagram and you want to come out of the addiction then this feature will help you. This feature will track the time you spend on Instagram.

To use this setting first go to your profile and tap on the top right options menu and then your activity. Here you can see your daily Instagram usage. You can also set the remainder to limit your usage.

2. Unique Bio Font

Do you want your profile to look better? You can use these unique fonts in your bio that will make your profile look more attractive.

Follow these steps to apply unique fonts on your profile.

  • The same text will appear on other text boxes in different unique fonts.
  • Now, just copy the font you want and paste it in your bio for unique profile look.

You can also use this font in comments and post description.

3. Show stories to your close friends

Now you can make the story visible only for those friends that you want, thanks to the new close friend feature. Here you can select your close friends and you can post stories for only those friends to see.

Steps: Profile > Option Menu > Close Friends.

Here you can select your close friends. 

4. Save Stories

You can save your friend’s stories on your device. You just need to download the Story saver for Instagram app ( the Playstore. Now just select the user to get their stories.

For IOS the process is little bit different. You just need to install Story Reposter App ( In this, you will have to search for the user to get their stories.

5. Turn on/off Notification for specific user

You can turn on/off post or story notification for a specific user.

Just visit that user’s profile and tap on the three-dot menu on the top right then select Manage Notifications. Here you can turn on or off post and story notification.

6. Hide story from particular person

You can hide your stories from a particular person. Visit that user’s profile then tap on the three-dot menu and select Hide Your Story.

7. Hide Tagged pictures from your profile

If someone tagged you in a group photo and you are looking weird in that and you just want to hide that picture from your profile without removing the tag. Yes, there is a way, just visit that picture and tap on the three-dot menu on the post then select post options and just uncheck “show in your profile”. This will remove that picture from your profile.

8. Swipe Up to open Link

Instagram provides you the feature to share link on your stories. This will help business accounts to share and market their products. To use this feature start your Instagram story, now click on the url icon on the top, after that just enter the link.

This feature is only available for the business accounts those have followers more than 10,000.

So, these are some amazing tips and tricks for you guys. Try all these features. I hope these tricks will help you.

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